Media giveaway copies available for ‘Six Steps Down’, the new YA mystery novel from emerging writer Mandi Greenwood, available 1 December. When sixteen year old Aisley Brannon first comes to live at Sheldon’s Seat, little does she know of the tragic history she is about to uncover. A school project throws her together with five friends as they decide to make her home the subject of their presentation. What ensues is a hundred year old journey of mystery and discovery, running alongside the turmoil of a modern teenage love story. Aisley and her friends ride a rollercoaster of intrigue, heartbreak and disaster before the truth is finally revealed. The first book in a series by debut writer Mandi Greenwood, Six Steps Down ($19.99, Short Stop Press, December 2013) is a great read for YA Fiction readers, and perfect for end of year gift guides. The book will be available at leading book stores and online at