Facial-lovers will be pleased to know that they can now achieve the same revitalized glow on their skin without even leaving their home. Just in time for summer, W Cosmetics is introducing the ReFa brand into the Australian market. Used for just a few minutes every day, the ReFa CARAT skincare tool will allow you to obtain the results of a professional spa treatment, DIY.

ReFa’s signature and premier product – the CARAT – has so far sold over 5 million units internationally and is a multi-award winning skin tool including the Japanese VOGUE BEAUTY AWARD 2015, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2012, THE RED DOT DESIGN AWARD in 2013 and HARPERS BAZAAR Singapore’s BEST ANTI-AGEING GADGET.

The ReFa CARATs solar powered micro currents are produced entirely from solar energy. This means you can take ReFa CARAT with you anywhere and never have to replace batteries or even plug it in to a charge outlet.

The small solar panel located on the top of the roller handle absorbs sunlight or indoor light converting it into a low level current emitted through the rollers directly to your skin.

The ReFa CARAT was made to last with the entire surface of the rollers platinum coated to be both acid and heat resistant in order to protect your skin. It can be used not only on your face but also all over your body including your thighs, target cellulite in the same manner as the lymphatic massage.

The ReFa CARAT is RRP $349.00 and available online at www.wcosmetics.com.au.