Karma Wellness Water, a well-established functional beverage in USA and Canada, brings a new kind of vitamin water to the Australian market with its unique cap technology – KarmaCap, which stores formulated powdered vitamins and nutrients for consumers to enjoy upon consumption. The healthy beverage contains 90% less sugar than other vitamin drinks and provides up to 100% of RDI of daily nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Statistics show that only 40% of vitamins are absorbed from a multivitamin pill, whereas 90-95% of vitamins are consumed when dissolved in liquid. A common issue found in pre-mixed vitamin drinks is the deterioration of vitamins and their potency over time as they are water-soluble. The KarmaCap solves this problem by storing the formulated powdered vitamin and nutrient mix separately to the water in order to maximise freshness, quality and performance. It holds up to six times more active nutrients than competing brands.

The beverage is available in three different varieties – Orange Mango “Sharper Thinking”, Acai Pomberry “Immunity Booster” and Passionfruit & Green Tea “Mood Elevation”.