Dock & Bay make their towels out of the highest grade microfibre that is incredibly durable, super absorbent, lightweight and incredibly quick to dry – they even come in their own little carry bag!

Now, we know what you’re thinking – Microfibre? Really? Well, yes. The microfibre towel is actually huge in America and the UK – with Dock and Bay already listed as one of the top selling towels. The fabric is smooth and doesn’t collect sand whilst drying within minutes. The towels also fold up to fit into about 1/4 of the size of a regular beach towel – there’s nothing about them NOT to love.

Dock & Bay began as many great ideas do, over drinks between work mates dreaming of ways to break free from their 9­ to 5 white collar jobs.

After much vodka, Andy (26, UK) and Benno (32, Australia) decided that the idea of being known as towel entrepreneurs was no laughing matter

The curtains from Benno’s London apartment ended up being pulled down and repurposed into the prototype design for the very first Dock & Bay towel.

Now, just over a year later – their towels have been embraced around the Globe and the boys are ready to share their creations with Benno’s home – Australia.

We have towels available for gift guides, photo shoots, product loans and collaborations and would love to hear from media interested in more information on the brand or product.