Give your body a chance to re-­boot and re-­charge with delicious organic detoxifying teas from Pukka.

Instead of eliminating whole food groups in an unrealistic effort to blitz your silly season sins, you can now work toward a healthier lifestyle by replacing a small vice – your second morning latte, or that sweet afternoon snack – with an uplifting, cleansing, and detoxifying Pukka blend packed with flavour as well as therapeutic and functional benefits. New flavours for the new year include Cleanse, Detox and Detox with Lemon.

Offering 27 unique blends, all made from ethically sourced and 100 percent organically grown ingredients, Pukka is on a mission to help people benefit from the incredible power of organic plants whilst protecting the planet, rewarding people for making that healthy choice with great tasting teas.