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Misencil Products

Direct from Paris and now available in Australia, the famous French Misencil products range includes world famous Eyelashes (extensions), face […]

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Kate Spade New York Tech Accessories

Kate Spade New York is one of the most popular accessory brands for women all around the world, with crisp […]

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Gloria Linen and Home

Gloria Linen and Home is an online emporium showcasing an ever-evolving range of homeware including refined bed and bath linens […]

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Boutique Party Products

We love Sundays designs and produces a range of boutique party products that offer a unique modern twist on traditional […]

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Kalite Pestemal Co Beach Wraps and Pestemals

The Kalite Pestemal Co. has both Christmas and Summer wrapped up in one! Quality 100% turkish cotton pestemals and beach […]

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MiGoals Notebooks

MiGoals GET SHIT DONE notebooks are in store and online right now. The colourful collection inspires people to get organised, […]

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Lagu – The world’s first beach-friendly Beach Blanket

Say hello summer with a beach towel that hates sand as much as you do. Unlike ordinary towels, Lagu repels […]

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Neat 3B Saver Range

With summer creeping up, it’s time to put a plan in place to stop excess sweating! There’s nothing worse than […]

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Nail Art and Hand Tattoos

Hand tattoos and nail art are the hottest accessories for summer 2015. Sure to funk up any outfit, moYou London […]

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2015 Shannon Fricke Bedlinen

The range features quilt covers, pillowcases, sheets and cushions in soft cottons, linens and luxurious velvets. A palette of indigo […]

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Core Trainer the waist training workout band!

Maximize your workout and active-time with a waist-training garment. The Core Trainer is a workout band that works as a […]

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Banana Boat’s SPF 50+ Collection

Banana Boat* has the perfect range of sunscreen for the whole family to help them stay protected against the harsh […]

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New Product Styles from JJ Cole Collections

These good looking and functional bags for Mum are made from ultra light weight, easy to clean canvas and feature […]

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Lifestream Natural Vitamin C Powder

Lifestream Natural Vitamin C Powder is a new, 100% natural wholefood supplement that can be added to cereal, salads, smoothies, […]

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AURA by Tracie Ellis Ceramics Range

With 12 funky signature designs, the newly released AURA range of ceramics includes stacking tapas and side plates and coffee […]

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BusiSoft AV Stylish Headphones

The perfect headphones for any outfit, BusiSoft AV Headphones ensure your headphones are as stylish as you are.

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Prize Hunter guaranteed number one service and that’s what we got! We host up to 10 RSVP singles events per month, and it got to a point where we were running dangerously low on party prizes. Approaching event deadlines, Prizehunter was recommended to us and we have never been so happy or relived to have them on board! They take the hard work out of sourcing products, cater to specific business needs, are informative and most importantly communicative.
As a longtime editor of magazines (New Idea, Good Medicine, WISH), newspaper section editor (News Limited) and a website editor (Younger You), as well as now providing content for a wide range of publications and websites, I know first hand the importance of competitions, promotions and giveaways to drive circulation/traffic and increase reader engagement. Perhaps someone will come to your publication or site for the first time to win a prize, but once they’ve found you there’s a good chance they’ll be hooked and come back for more! Especially if you regularly give away quality products or services. Having been directly involved in sourcing and negotiating prizes and setting up competitions, I know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be. So PrizeHunter.com.au is a welcome entrant to the media marketplace. It’s a fabulous resource that takes all the legwork and hassle out of sourcing top quality prizes for media outlets, fundraisers and goodie bags for events. If you run a business or are a PR who wants to get hugely valuable exposure for your brands/clients – absolutely free – PrizeHunter.com.au is the destination for you.
Editor Jenni Gilbert,
I have been working in the PR industry for many years now and have lost count of how many times I have had to organise goodie-bags, place competitions and pitch products in the hope of securing coverage, all of which have been extremely time consuming and eat into my clients retainer hours. Now that I’m using Prize Hunter, my job is so much easier with media approaching me directly. Prize Hunter has been an extremely useful tool and I look forward to working with further new and exciting brands.
PRs are constantly having to source prizes and goodie bag items for their clients, which can be incredibly labour- intensive, with many not even knowing where to start. PrizeHunter makes it simple by connecting people looking for products with people wanting to give them away. Easy!
Tiffany Farrington, Director Social Diary